“Primary direction that knocks down all established understandings of the music itself”

“Extraordinary project, which has no equal in the world”
“Krajnčan brought melody to the drums and rhythm to violoncello”
“Manages to portray the diversity of life – with all of its sounds, stories and memories”

Jazzetna - album review

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“With its exceptional nature, DrummingCellist exceeds the roles, which are attributed to individual instruments, and despite of its innovation doesn’t loose the listener because everything sounds logical and very deep. Most importantly: DrummingCellist is not a result of a desire to be experimental and different. It is a place that Kristijan Krajnčan found while walking his natural path. It is a gift… of a Music itself, which pulsates somewhere deep inside of him.” 


Jazz Ravne - live concert review

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“The range of emotions, embedded in the music was very wide; one could feel a personal relationship in every note, regardless if it was an arrangement of J.S. Bach, Arvo Part, or his original music. All of the boundaries have been blurred, because music passed from composition to composition and Kristijan has always successfully passed from one instrument to another before the last tones faded away.”