Two Instruments. One Musical Journey.

Experience the one of a kind manifestation of sound, bringing together two diverse musical worlds. Drums and cello, sticks and strings in one powerful performance. In one skilled, versatile and genre defying performer!





One-man-duet. Double groomed Artistry.

Rhythm, harmony, melody and improvisation carefully shaped within an unique musical vision by Kristijan Kranjčan – drummer, cellist, composer and filmmaker. Distilling contemporary jazz, classical, film music and other genres into complete sounding storytelling, DrummingCellist presents an exciting, fresh, daring, colorful and out of the ordinary approach.



Exploring beyond Borders.

This is music that moves fiercely and gracefully across borders, beyond average, beyond the usual, beyond standard confinements, exploring possibilities of two paramount instruments with a pure and complete artistic vision of sonic discovery.




Don’t miss the opportunity to see, listen and enjoy one of the most exciting contemporary music performance acts on the European scene!